Meds For Lebanon
Meds For Lebanon is a non-profit initiative, free of charge and independent from any political party or religion.

We aim to help Lebanese people who do not have access to the medicines they need thanks to a solidarity system.
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Medicines for Lebanon works on a system of solidarity between patients, buyers and travelers. Meds for Lebanon is available to all patients in Lebanon lacking medicines and is open to donors and buyers worldwide.

How does it work? 

We connect buyers of medicines abroad, i.e. a person willing to buy one or more medicines, with patients in Lebanon in need of their treatment. These medicines are then transported by the buyer or by a traveller moving to Lebanon. 

The buyer is reimbursed 100% by Meds For Lebanon of the costs related to the purchased medicines.

You are abroad and have the possibility to buy medicines

I have the possibility to buy medicines if needed

You are travelling to Lebanon and agree to carry medicines

I  can bring medicines
to Lebanon

Donate your unused medicines

To facilitate access to medicines for as many Lebanese as possible, you can donate medicines. The most urgent medicines at the moment is available in the form below.

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Some Lebanese patients are unable to pay for their health care. You can help them by making a tax-free monetary donation. 100% of the amount donated will be used for the benefit of one or more Lebanese patients wishing to obtain medication.

We will report the donation and its use on our Instagram every month. 

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Why this initiative ?

For some time now, Lebanon has been experiencing an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis. One of the consequences is the lack of medicine stocks in the country, making access to care very difficult for a large number of Lebanese. 

Who are we ? 

Meds for Lebanon is a non-profit organization based in Paris.

We are 2 French-Lebanese: Lara, from HEC Montreal and Mario, Doctor of Pharmacy.
Faced with the urgency of the health situation, we launched Meds For Lebanon on July 13, 2021.

Would you like to join us or contribute to Meds For Lebanon? Contact us at

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